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Filters - Etymotic ER

Acoustic Filters for Etymotic Earplugs

If you already own ER series Musician's Earplugs and want to purchase replacement filters of a different value than the ones you have, you can purchase them here. The Filter buttons push directly into the end of the earplugs.

Price £ (+ 20% Tax)

  • Which Filter? The interchangeable filters allow you the choice of how much sound reduction will suit your needs, remember the filters are quickly and easily exchangeable so you could swap them over depending on your enviromental needs.
  • ER9 - 9dB protection. Recommended for light noise exposure and acoustic musicians.
    ER15 - 15dB protection. Recommended for most musicians playing amplified music.
    ER25 - 25dB protection. Recommended for highly amplified performances and drummers

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