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Three Main Benefits Of Earplugs

Three Main Benefits Of Earplugs

Earplugs are small devices which are used to reduce noise and protect hearing. They are worn by employees who are exposed to noise on a daily basis, professionals who deal with loud sounds, people who practise aquatic sports and regular customers who simply want to enjoy a quiet homely atmosphere. The article explores the benefits of popular ear protectors.

Benefit 1: soft and safe materials
Ear protectors come in two main styles: in-ear and headphone. In-ear plugs, as it's suggested by the name, are inserted deep into the ear canal blocking it for external sounds. However, plug tips need to be left outside for easier removal. Most in-ear plugs are made from foam or silicone which can take the shape of the ear. Foam is soft rubber filled with air; to insert such earplugs, customers need to roll them into a thin ‘sausage' with finger tips and gently screw in the ear where it expands reducing noise. Silicone is also a kind of soft rubber which can be moulded to fit into the ear canal. Silicone plugs seal the external part of the ear blocking external noise. Besides, there are non-toxic and allergen-free silicone plugs which can be worn by allergy-prone customers. Headphone style earplugs look like regular headphones but have special in-built filters in pads which reduce certain frequencies and enhance sound quality.

Benefit 2: variety of uses
Ear protectors are appropriate for a variety of uses. Regular customers who look for basic hearing protection can benefit from foam earplugs. They can block snoring, loud music or quarrelling neighbours but allow hearing louder noises such as alarms or doorbells. Customers who need more protection can go for silicone plugs as they provide greater noise isolation. There are also plugs which block and reinforce particular frequencies; they are mainly used by DJs and musicians. Swimmers need to wear plugs to avoid the swimmer's ear syndrome; they purchase special plugs which keep the ear dry under water. Employees working in noisy environments need to have their hearing protected on a daily basis; they wear either special in-ear plugs or headphone style earplugs. People who often travel by plane may benefit from plugs which relieve pressure in the ear. A great variety of plugs allows anyone to find ear protectors which suit their needs.

Benefit 3: affordable prices
Earplug prices vary depending on materials, designs, brands and purpose of use. The most affordable option is single use plugs which need to be disposed of when they lose their hearing protection properties. Usually these are foam plugs which lose the ability to mould after a certain period of time. There are reusable plugs with heat and water resistant properties which can be cleaned in soapy water or in sterilisers. Customers can also order tailored earplugs which are made from their ear impressions. These plugs cost more than regular ear protectors but provide a better fit.

The three main benefits of ear protectors are comfort, variety of uses and affordability. Modern plugs are made from soft allergen-free materials and can take the shape of the ear canal. There are various models which can suit customers with different needs and budgets.   

~ 31 August 2011~